7 Reasons for Tooth Pain in the Morning

7 Reasons to Visit An Emergency Dentist | Little Rock, AR

Are you frustrated with that shooting pain in the teeth that occurs when you wake up in the morning? Such a sudden sharp pain could be triggered in the teeth due to multiple causes. Factors ranging from pre-existing dental conditions to other health problems can be the reason behind it. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 emergencies that need to visit emergency dentist in Little Rock. Read on to discover the seven familiar reasons that can trigger severe tooth pain in the morning.

7 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist in Little Rock:

  1. Sleep Bruxism:

    It is known by another name as well: teeth-grinding. Individuals suffering from sleep bruxism clench the jaw without realizing it. Consequently, they grind or gnash their teeth while asleep. You might also clench your jaw when you are active as well. It's called awake bruxism. Bruxism can culminate in earache, headache, jaw pain, toothache, etc. What causes bruxism is still unknown. Sleep and stress-related issues, even sleep apnea in Little Rock, can play a huge role.

  2. TMJ Disorder:

    The temporomandibular joint/TMJ connects the skull with the jawbone. Irritation and inflammation in this joint can cause discomfort in these regions: joints, face, teeth and neck. Symptoms of TMJ include pain in the face, ear, jaw, tooth, headache, and trouble while speaking or eating.

  3. Sinusitis:

    If there is sharp pain originating from the upper back teeth, a sinus infection could be the culprit behind your suffering. Sinuses are placed right above the teeth. Visit our general dentistry in Little Rock, if sinuses are infected, then fluid will occupy the spot especially when you lie down even for sleep. This can trigger pain and pressure in the premolar or upper molar region.

  4. Tooth Abscess:

    It is nothing but a patch of pus caused due to infection from a bacterial source. A tooth root can play host to an abscess or the gum near the tooth. Throbbing, pain, fever and swelling are all triggered by a tooth abscess.

  5. Impacted Tooth:

    A tooth is classified as impacted if it can’t come out/erupt through the gumline. Teeth get fully or partially impacted when there is no space in the mouth to accommodate them. This can be caused due to crowded teeth. Even genetics too can play a part. Impacted teeth cause problems like pain in gums which get swollen and red, dull pain or intensely sharp pain. The tooth is removed and replaced by a dental implant in Little Rock.

  6. Gum Disease:

    The early phase of gum disease, which is mild, is named gingivitis. They can trigger bleeding in gums which will get swollen when you brush. Also, if there is plaque build up through the gumline, toothaches can recur. Gum disease, if neglected, can worsen into periodontitis. This is an advanced stage. Periodontitis is an infection that lasts longer. It can negatively affect teeth, gums, tissues, and jawbone. Tooth loss and pain can also occur due to periodontitis.

  7. Cavities:

    They commonly cause tooth pain in the majority. If neglected, they can expand and even affect the pulp which is the inner layer of the tooth. This is the region where the nerves and blood vessels can be located. Visit the dentist near you in Little Rock before cavities deteriorate, then intense pain which occurs at frequent intervals can happen.

Who is the Best Dentist Near Me in Little Rock?

If you are in Little Rock and need general dentistry or family dentistry services, then consider Dr. John Cloud and Dr. Michael Kinard at Cloud Family Dental. If you are in need of an emergency dentist in Little Rock, call us at (501) 868-3800 to arrange an appointment now and avail the services of the best dentist in Little Rock.

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