Can a General Dentist Place Dental Implants?

Can a General Dentist Place Dental Implants? | Little Rock

Losing a tooth due to an accident, injury, or prolonged illness has many health-related issues and aesthetic repercussions. A person finds it difficult to speak, chew the food, and mostly shy away from speaking confidently in public. All this leads to looking for a suitable dental treatment. In our previous blog we have listed out 7 reasons to consider dental implants in Little Rock.

Dental implants are the best treatment that solves functional and aesthetic issues. Dr. John Cloud at Cloud Family Dental are dentists who provide various treatments to fix multiple dental issues. Get in touch with his office for dental implants treatment.

What are Dental Implants?

When looking for dental implants in Little Rock, it is better to know more about the treatment and procedure. It is a fairly non-invasive procedure where porcelain or titanium implants are surgically planted in the jaw bone. It gives a natural teeth-like appearance to the patient and addresses functional and aesthetic issues occurring due to tooth loss.

Dental Implant Placement in Little Rock:

Three types of dental service providers provide dental implant placement. Get the best guidance and help from the family dentistry in Little Rock, to make the best choice. These service providers are:

  1. Periodontists:

    The dental implant process also involves checking gum health as the implant is fused into the jaw bone. It is here where periodontists come into the picture. Their specialization is in supporting teeth structures. They can carry out dental implant treatment in Little Rock without any hassle or complication.

  2. Oral Surgeons:

    Using the services of a skilled and experienced oral surgeon is undoubtedly the best and the safest way of implanting dental implant placement. They take excellent care of their patients who feel reassured that they are in very capable hands. Surgeons are also aligned to take a quick call when going for a bone grafting operation as they are well-trained for the same.

  3. Cosmetic or General Dentists:

    General or cosmetic dentists are mostly specialists who can help to determine if dental implant treatment is needed. They can observe and diagnose the patient's problem and recommend if complete or partial dentures are needed. The dentists practicing general dentistry in Little Rock, largely focus on the patient's aesthetic appearance and work on improving their smile.

How To Determine Which Specialist Is Suitable for Dental Implants Placement?

Periodontists can also perform this operation if it is fairly straightforward. If the patient has complicated dental issues, it is better to reach out to an expert oral surgeon who can handle these issues with utmost care.


If you have lost your tooth due to any reason, do not shy away from getting the best dental implants in Little Rock. Solve the problem and increase your self-confidence at Cloud Family Dental. Schedule an appointment with Dr. John Cloud and get the best treatment from the most reputed dentist in Little Rock AR. For more information call us at (501) 868-3800 and schedule an appointment today.

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