Family Dentistry Vs General Dentistry: What is the Difference?

Difference Between General & Family Dentistry | Little Rock

The rising number of varied health care needs has given rise to different dentists specializing in a specific area. If you search for a general dentistry in Little Rock, you will get a long list of results showing dental care clinics of both family dentists and general dentists. In our previous blog, we have listed out 5 reasons why every family requires a family dentistry in Little Rock. Many feel that family and general dentistry is pretty much the same thing – which is not the case. Though identical, there are differences between family dentistry and general dentistry.

Understanding Family Dentistry and General Dentistry in Little Rock:

A dentist specializing in family dentistry will offer oral healthcare solutions to people of all ages. On the flip side, a general dentist will mainly look after patients who are young adults or full-grown adults. They don’t offer dental care services to kids. So if you have a big family consisting of toddlers, kids, young adults, and mature adults, you should consider family dentistry in Little Rock for them.

How is General Dentistry Different from Family Dentistry?

A benefit of choosing a family dentist is that you don’t have to book appointments in different clinics for all your family members. But if you’re facing a serious dental problem that requires a specialist’s attention, you may want to visit a dentist specializing in general dentistry in Little Rock. Though both family and general dentists offer more or less the same set of dental care services, the main point of distinction is with regards to the patient's age.

Procedures Performed in Family & General Dentistry:

A family dentist offers all the dental care services needed by your little ones. You can also visit a family dentist for teeth cleaning, root canal, tooth removal, etc. On the other hand, a general dentist offers the best preventive care services, restorative services, cosmetic dental services, and all other available oral healthcare services for adults.

Visit Our Dentist Near You in Little Rock:

If you’re looking for a family dentistry in Little Rock, you should visit Cloud Family Dental and book an appointment with John Cloud, DDS. Our dental clinic offers a gamut of dental care services needed by people. The best part of our clinic is that it has exceptionally skilled and reliable dentists with expertise in both general dentistry and family dentistry in Little Rock. Whether you want treatment related to dental veneers, dental crowns, dental implants, sleep apnea, teeth whitening, or any other dental problem, you will find all the solution at one place. For more information call us at (501) 868-3800 and schedule an appointment today.

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