Is Sleep Apnea Putting Your Dental Implants at Risk?

Is Sleep Apnea Putting Dental Implant at Risk? | Little Rock

We understand how brave you must be to manage your dental Implants while dealing with complications of sleep apnea. The latter often affects your brain and heart in different ways. In our previous blog, we have explained what is sleep apnea and how it can be cured in Little Rock? However, were you aware of the fact that it can lead to difficulties in your dental health? Yes, it can pose a threat to your dental implants.

The Correlation Between OSA and Dental Implants in Little Rock:

As per Journal of Oral Implantology, a new study unfurled the fact that patients with obstructive sleep apnea are more vulnerable to having riskier dental implants. Now, this can be subjective to a person’s condition with respect to sleep apnea in Little Rock as well as dental implant. If you have a severe obstructive sleep apnea, you might be at a higher risk. Besides, if you had a dental implant only recently, which is still in its recovery stage, you might find it a little more riskier with sleep apnea issues.

Study on Dental Implants Risk and Sleep Apnea in Little Rock:

To arrive at this conclusion, a study was carried out by OSI Araba University Hospital in Victoria, Spain. For this, the team of researchers observed a group of 67 patients with dental implants who came for diagnosis of sleep apnea. Out of all, 16 of them developed dental implant complications. All, but three, out of those 16 patients were victims of obstructive sleep apnea. Either the actual screw part of the implant tore off or porcelain of the implants wore off. Few other patients suffered from failure of cement used during dental implant installation. There were some patients who endured loosening of dental implant screws. Specialized general dentistry in Little Rock can be the right guide for you if you are dealing with both.


So, if you already have sleep apnea and are planning to get dental implants in Little Rock, definitely talk to the leading dentist Dr. Michael Kinard. The doctor is a specialized professional who has dealt with a number of such complicated cases where patients had sleep apnea as well as missing teeth. Talk to the dentist and ask about what complications might arise.

Also, get expert advice on the correlation of your obstructive sleep apnea condition and oral prosthetics. Our family dentistry in Little Rock can take you through specialized procedures to minimize the chances of implant failure. Cloud Family Dental already has a number of reviews about Dr.Kinard. Check those out as well. Visit our website to have a better idea about the services. Call us at (501) 868-3800 to arrange an appointment immediately.

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