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Oral Sedation allows patients to be very relaxed and comfortable during their dental treatment. It is often used to manage anxiety level from mild to moderate and in some cases it's used to assist the patients to have a restful night before the dental appointment.

Oral Sedation in Little Rock, AR uses medication to aid patients in relaxation at their dental appointments. The medication is a tiny blue pill that you take before your dental appointment. This pill gives you moderate sedation and refreshed feeling after your procedure get completes with a beautiful and healthy smile.

Candidate for Oral Sedation:

Many people are not excited to go to the dentist for a dental procedure and routine cleaning. However, if you're worried about dental work there are other options knows as "Oral Sedation" to make your dental appointment stress less and pain-free. Below are some signs that tells if you're a good candidate for oral sedation?

1. Visiting A Dentist Makes You Anxious:

The most common reason for the use of oral sedation is for people who fear to visit a dentist. If you fall under this category, then oral sedation may be an excellent option for you as it leaves you conscious enough to respond if needed but you won't be aware or feel any pain.

2. Dental Treatment Is Painful For You:

Going to a dentist with sensitive teeth and gums or other dental problems can be more painful. But some people might not be knowing that Oral Sedation method exists. If your dental visit is often painful, speak with our Dentist in Little Rock to see if oral sedation is the right choice for you.

3. If You’re Bothered By The Smells And Sounds of Dental Office:

Most of the people are not anxious to visit a dentist, but the smell and sound of the drill can make them feel uncomfortable and disturbed. If this dental office experience makes you unpleasant, then oral sedation is the best way to avoid the smells and sounds and can complete the dental procedure without getting disturbed.

Benefits of Oral Sedation:

Oral Sedation has several benefits that patients can enjoy and also save time by having an extensive procedure done in one appointment. Below are some Benefits of Oral Sedation:

  1. Comfortable: Oral Sedation can make your dental visit the most comfortable trip to the dentist. You will be sedated just enough to be unaware of the dental treatment and wake up with little to no memory of your treatment.
  2. No Needles: With Oral Sedation, the patient's can take the sedative orally without having to worry about being pricked by the dentist.
  3. Safe: Oral sedatives are regulated and supervised by the FDA. It's extremely unlikely to experience any side effects.
  4. Fast in Procedure: With the help of oral sedation dentist can cover more work in a short amount of time as patients can remain comfortable for a longer period without scheduling for a second visit.

For more information on Oral Sedation in Little Rock, AR contact us at (501) 868-3800 for an appointment.

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