Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Things To Know About Teeth Whitening

Remember how our teeth used to be all shiny and white when we were kids? Sadly, it doesn’t last long and becomes dull and sometimes even yellowish over the years. People have been trying to find methods to brighten their teeth to give them that pure white and sparkly look. From rinsing your mouth with sesame or coconut oil, to even using baking soda to brush your teeth, these home remedies do not show a one hundred percent efficiency. They can get quite tedious. In our previous blog, we have explained 7 great advantages of teeth whitening in Little Rock. However, get in touch with Dr John Cloud at Cloud Family Dental, the best providers of family dentistry.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a trusted and effective procedure performed by dentists to give your teeth that shining white glow. This method usually uses hydrogen peroxide to help bleach the teeth and remove any stains. Teeth whitening is not a very complicated process. It can be carried out in the clinic or even by yourself at home. But there are many differences between the two. Look up for the best 'dentist near me Little Rock' for more family-friendly options.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Little Rock:

In-office teeth whitening with our cosmetic dentistry in Little Rock is a one-time process in which your dentist applies a whitening gel across your teeth. The professional then uses LED light to give it deeper penetration and remove any stains present on the teeth. The time taken in this treatment process is dependent upon the intensity of whiteness required. Before the procedure, your dentist will also give you a dental check-up to determine whether your teeth and gums are suitable for this procedure. It’s a safe and popular but slightly expensive method to give instant results.

Custom Take-Home Trays Vs. In-Office Teeth Whitening in Little Rock:

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to sit for dentist sessions, a custom take-home tray is another option for you. Your dentist will formulate a custom tray according to your tooth measurements and will probably give you a carbamide peroxide-based gel to apply to your teeth. This method requires more patience and consistency on the part of the patient. It gives just the same level of results as the in-office teeth whitening in Little Rock over some time. It is a cost-effective alternative for brighter, whiter, and shinier teeth.


Both of these options are very effective and give you noticeable results. You can search on the internet with the keywords 'teeth whitening Little Rock' to hand pick the finest service providers. If you are near Little Rock, then consider Dr. John Cloud at Cloud Family Dental to avail teeth whitening services. They are counted amongst the best dentists in Little Rock. Dial us at (501) 868-3800 to have a conversation right away.

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