What Are Dental Crowns?

Have you been told you needed a dental crown? Are you familiar with the purpose of a dental crown? If you need more information on dental crowns than you have come to the right place! Dr. Cloud here at Cloud Family Dental in Little Rock, AR, use dental crowns for many reasons depending on the patient’s individual needs. To help you understand more about dental crowns, our team is happy to provide you some basic information on them.

Dental crowns have many purposes in the world of dentistry. Here are some ways a dental crown can be used:

  • To cover and protect a weak tooth
  • To attach a dental bridge
  • To complete a dental implant restoration
  • To protect a tooth damaged by a large amount of tooth decay
  • To repair a broken tooth that has been cracked or damaged

As you can see, dental crowns can be used to help your oral health in many different ways. Depending on your unique needs and situation, a dental crown might be right for your particular needs.

If you have questions about your oral health or would like to see if a dental crown will work to restore your smile, please call us today at 501-868-3800 to set up an appointment with a member of our team. Our dental staff works hard to help you in the best way possible.

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