What Is Sleep Apnea and How Can It Be Cured?

What Is Sleep Apnea and How to Cure It?

Sleep apnea is an abnormal condition where the patient experiences troubled breathing during sleep. People with this condition may have problems like extended breathing pauses while sleeping. If this breathing lapse is temporary, it can cause deterioration in sleep quality affecting the supply of oxygen to the body. It can result in serious medical conditions. When suffering from sleep apnea, it is imperative to visit a sleep apnea specialist. In our previous blog, we have explained the diagnosis and treatments of sleep apnea in Little Rock. Dr. John Cloud at Cloud Family Dental are experts who can diagnose and suggest the best treatment for sleep apnea issues.

Treatments for Sleep Apnea in Little Rock:

People with sleep apnea must visit a reputed and experienced specialist for sleep apnea in Little Rock treatment. The doctor can run a few tests and accurately diagnose the problem. After comprehending the primary reasons behind the problem, appropriate treatment alternatives are suggested.

Sleep Study:

Many doctors suggest going for sleep analysis with an overnight sleep study to understand the severity of the problem. Depending on the results of the study, the following treatments are suggested.

Conservative Treatments for Sleep Apnea in Little Rock:

If a person suffers from a mild case of sleep apnea in Little Rock, conservative treatment is suggested, including.

  1. Weight Loss: The overweight patient is suggested to reduce weight which can help reduce apnea events.

  2. Avoid Alcohol: The patient is suggested to avoid certain sleeping pills and alcohol.

  3. Use of a Wedge or Pillow: Many people experience OSA when lying on their backs. Having a pillow wedged between the legs positioned sideways can help.

  4. Breathing Strips: Wearing breathing strips is another treatment option to reduce snoring. It also helps improve airflow.

Mechanical Therapy for Sleep Apnea in Little Rock:

In certain OSA cases, doctors recommend PAP therapy or Positive Airway Pressure. This treatment helps in air pressure adjustment to avoid the collapse of upper airway tissues during sleep. Here are a few types of PAP Treatment.

  1. CPAP: It is also called Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, and the machine is set at a single pressure.

  2. Auto CPAP: It is also known as Auto Bi-Level PAP. This machine is used for a range of self-regulating pressures, depending on precise pressure requirements.

  3. Bi-Level PAP: This machine uses different pressure while breathing in and different when breathing out.

  4. Adaptive Sero-Ventilation: It is a commonly used treatment option that provides non-invasive ventilation to sleep apnea patients. It aids in keeping the airway open while breathing.

Other alternatives to cure sleep apnea in Little Rock are mandibular advancement devices, hypoglossal nerve stimulators, and surgery as the last choice.


If you are in Little Rock and require the service of a reliable family dentistry in Little Rock or a sleep apnea specialist, consider Dr. John Cloud at Cloud Family Dental. Browse through our website to discover the services provided. For more information call us at (501) 868-3800 to have a conversation right away.

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