Why Choose Dental Implants to Replace Teeth?

Why Choose Dental Implants to Replace Teeth? | Little Rock

With the rooted and economical tradition of dentures and artificial teeth, why should you go for dental implants?

Dental implants are by far, the best replacement for your missing teeth in terms of look, feel, functionality, quality, longevity, etc. Gracing your mouth with an almost-real pair of teeth, dental implants can make you more confident and smile with a pretty good self esteem. In our previous blog, we have explained how sleep apnea is putting your dental implants in Little Rock at risk? However, dental implants are also known to be of higher value compared to other orthodox alternative teeth options.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial teeth resembling screws, crafted out of titanium. These totally look like natural teeth and hence are placed into the jawbone via dental surgery by a specialized dentist.

How Dental Implants Are the Right Solution for Missing Teeth?

So, let’s give you a brief as to why you want to choose dental implants over other dental substitutes:

  1. No Chance of Tooth Decay:

    Since implants are made out of titanium - a strong metal - it is not vulnerable to tooth decay. With a natural tooth, the chances of root decay is there. But with dental implants, patients will have to worry less about dental caries. This is certainly a great relief to the patients with missing teeth.

  2. High Success Rate:

    This is certainly an important reason to adopt dental implants in Little Rock over dentures. When the leading dentists carry this out, there is a higher chance of success. Implant adopts modern technology and hence the success rate should be higher with more newer techniques.

  3. Help Smile With Confidence:

    With no chance of your artificial teeth falling off, dental implants let you speak confidently in public. Also, with missing teeth and artificial teeth, you might feel hesitant to smile at ease, when surrounded by others. Be relieved now and smile wholeheartedly with implants.

  4. Looks Natural:

    This is one of the most important reasons for you to go for dental implants. As these are made with titanium, these easily fuse with jawbone and are attached with dental crowns in Little Rock. They mimic natural teeth. In fact, with implants, you will find it difficult to spot any difference with your natural teeth.

  5. Better Functionality:

    With dental implants, fixing missing teeth, and replacing conventional teeth replacement options, you will have better functionality in terms of chewing and eating. You can still bite down food morsels into tiny granules just like a natural human tooth. There will be no discomfort in eating.

  6. Can Dental Problems Cause Snoring?

    Yes, with dental problems like teeth grinding, your teeth can get severely damaged. During sleep, when you grind your teeth, it results in headaches and jaw tension leading to snoring. Reach out to the best dentist near you in Little Rock to stop snoring.


To have dental implants, contact the best Dentist near you. Dr. Kinard equipped with modern technologies and holding years of experience in successfully treating patients. The doctor is also a known name for treating sleep apnea in Little Rock. Book an appointment today and end all your dental worries!

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