Your Child’s Oral Health: What You Should Know

If you’ve ever raised a child, you probably understand how important their well-being is. You may also be aware that there are a number of steps you should be taking to help your little one stay healthy and strong. Still, would you be surprised to hear that caring for your child’s health is very important? Moreover, did you know that you should start cleaning your kid’s smile before their first tooth erupts?

Of course, you can’t brush your child’s first tooth before it erupts, but you can wipe their gums with a damp cloth. As you may have guessed, doing so will clean their teeth. We recommend wiping their teeth and gums every time they eat or drink. When you clean your little one’s gums, you should try holding your child in your lap so you can see their mouth.

You should remember to brush your child’s teeth twice a day for two minutes after their first pearly white comes in. When you start to brush their teeth, please remember to use a brush that has soft bristles. It’s also important to use toothpaste without any fluoride in it. Also, please note that you should floss your child’s teeth as soon as they start touching.

Lastly, please be aware of a dental condition known as baby bottle tooth decay. Naturally, if you give your child a bottle that contains a sugary beverage in it, they’ll be more susceptible to decay because their teeth will be exposed to sugar longer. If your child won’t sleep without a bottle, you could try filling it with water instead.

If you would like to learn more about keeping your child’s teeth healthy in Little Rock, Arkansas, please feel free to give Cloud Family Dental a call at 501-868-3800. Our dentist, Dr. John Cloud, and our dental team will gladly answer any of your questions. We’re excited to hear from you!

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